Wedding Trends 2022

Wedding Trends 2022

With Covid-19 having completely turned traditional weddings on their head, we predict our new-found way of life will not only change how weddings are arranged, but how they will look in 2021 and 2022.

The extravagant and formal weddings we know and love so well haven’t quite had their chance to shine in the last 10 months, which will certainly change the face of weddings for the next few years.

Mother Nature's Influence

As the pandemic has given most of us a lot of time to re-connect with Mother Nature, this new-found love for the great outdoors will be reflected in wedding aesthetics and stationery. As the number of weddings being held outdoors has increased (particularly due to safety reasons) the love for nature-focused wedding themes will shine through in 2022, a theme that we have no doubt will be timeless in your wedding photos. 

Colour Schemes, Aesthetics and Stationery

So, what does this mean for your aesthetics, colour scheme and stationery? Neutral, warm, earthy tones will be making a big come-back along with wildflowers and vintage style stationery. Our expert designer is predicting hand-drawn invitation designs, particularly venue drawings and stylish, old-school calligraphy. Personalised drawings are a simplistic way to make your invitations stand-out for all the right reasons. Vintage metallics such as brass and copper will also be a big hit! 

Translucent vallum paper and brown string is another simple feature to add to invitations that keep in tone with earthy aesthetics by adding a little more texture and personality, especially for the country-style wedding.

Make It Personal

While wedding trends come and go, your style and interests are always unique to you! So, our top recommendation is always to stick with what you like and what’s personal to you as a couple – something that we will definitely see more focus on over the next few years. As priorities have changed and smaller weddings allow for a bigger budget, couples are more focused on ensuring that their wedding reflects them, the life they are about to embark on and the wedding they want to look back on in years to come.