Expert opinion on choosing your stationery theme

Expert opinion on choosing your stationery theme

There are so many types of themes you can choose from for your wedding day but choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming! Working with a good designer can put your mind at ease. Here are some things you maybe want to consider when it comes to choosing your theme and wedding stationery for your special day!

Creating a theme for your wedding is something you want to really think about, you want consistency and everything to be cohesive. With Brighlight Weddings offering full packages, the style of your video, photography and stationery can all be similar, creating a consistent visual impact.

Choosing your style

The style of your invites could portray your personalities, or possibly a little giveaway of the wedding theme itself. You could consider making your invitations personal, by potentially having your family members on it, your favourite sport, or another interest you both have. If you want to portray the wedding theme itself you could consider, whether your wedding will be chic, relaxed, funky, elegant. For example, if you are going for a traditional style wedding, elegant and formal, couples usually opt for white or ivory card with minimalistic print, or perhaps add a little gold foil to give it some extra flair.

The time of year also plays an important role, the flowers you choose, the colour of the bridesmaid dresses, you can carry this right through to the design of your stationery. Warm reds, plums and golds for Christmas time, or fresh pinks, greens or yellows for Spring/Summer weddings.

Designer advice

Check out previous designs online, see what gets your creative juices flowing, colours, styles, themes. Put together a little mood board for your designer, that way, they can get a better understanding of the theme and style you are looking for & you can sit back, relax and take pleasure in watching your ideas come to life!