Benefits of a Web Journal

Benefits of a Web Journal

Equally excited & stressed!

If you’re like most brides, you are equal parts excited and overwhelmed at the thought of organizing a wedding. There are so many moving parts involved in your big day that it’s easy to lose sleep. The good news? There is a way to organize your wedding, all while tracking your excitement as the date approaches. A web journal is an online diary, a private way to make organised lists, track your progress, and take notes about the milestones along your journey. One day, you can look back at your web journal and relive the excitement of planning your wedding day.

So what is a Web Journal?

So how do you start planning and keep track? It’s simple, just like every other diary/journal, but online! A Web Journal!

A web journal is a small website where you can recap your visit with vendors, add photos of floral arrangement options, venue spaces, create check lists, your wedding gift list, menus to name a few! Best of all, your guests can access aspects of it to RSVP, give their menu choice, dietary requirements and it is all stored in the one place!

This leads us onto invitations, if you don’t want to send out physical invitations, we can design an email campaign where you can send your invitations via email!

If we aren’t doing your design/branding for the day, we ask that your design is sent to us and we will use it to design the site-

Guiding your guests and wedding party through your planning and the special day. It will detail all there is to know and love about your wedding right up to the main event.